Before selecting a Hyundai hybrid or electric vehicle, make sure you know what's involved, how to prepare your home for charging, and what financial perks you'll receive. Hyundai Riverside offers an impressive collection of Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, Electric, and Fuel Cell vehicles to drivers throughout the Inland Empire, from San Bernardino to Moreno Valley.

Alternative fuel powered cars are becoming more affordable leading to a higher number of interested car-buyers near Ontario, CA. From the start, it's great to know the benefits of owning an electric car which include:

  • Better mpg and range
  • Regenerative braking
  • Carpool Lane accessibility
  • Federal tax credits and cash incentives
  • Decreased maintenance
  • Lower or no gas refills
  • Reduced or zero omissions

FAQs for Buying a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle in California

What is the range?

Every alternative fuel vehicle offers different efficiencies and ranges. For example, the Ioniq Plug-In Hybrid provides an impressive 620-mile range, reduced emissions, and combined 52 mpg. Alternatively, the Neo Fuel Cell SUV gets you 380 miles, zero emissions, and no gas required. Your driving habits will help you decide which model is best for you.

Where can I charge my vehicle?

Charging hybrid and electric vehicles is easy at home or work if you install a level 2 charger. Away from home, you can recharge at any of the growing number of public charging locations.

Are there tax or cash incentives?

Depending on the type of alternative fuel powered vehicle, California residents may be entitled to a federal tax credit of up to $8,000. There is also as much as $4,500 in cash incentives for CA fuel cell vehicle drivers.

Should I lease or finance?

Leasing usually results in lower payments compared to a loan. Yet, long-term benefits of electric vehicles, include reduced maintenance and longer lifespan. Financing may cost a more upfront, but less spend on gas, tax credits, and cash incentives may end up putting more money in your pocket. After your final loan payment, you'll own the car, but a leased car needs to be returned to the dealership when it's up and you'll have to decide on a new car and lease.

Visit Hyundai Riverside to Test Drive an Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Get more information by visiting our dealership in Riverside. Our staff can answer your questions, set up a test drive, and help you secure a lease or auto-loan on a new Hyundai Alternative Fuel Vehicle.

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